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Marriage & Wedding Preparation 


We are thrilled your are considering celebrating your wedding here at St. Ann/St. Edward. Before getting married, a couple goes through a marriage preparation process to help them prepare for entering their vocation together through the sacrament. 

The Church asks that couples have a minimum of a six month engagement, starting from when they begin their marriage preparation. Couples getting married at the St. Ann should also have one person as a registered parishioner here. Below is the process of getting married at St. Ann/St. Edward.


Engaged couples who want be married here at St. Ann/St. Edward must start the formation process at least six months prior to their wedding date.

How to Begin the Process

The process for couples wishing to be married begins by registering in the parish and reading through the St. Ann/St. Edward Marriage Guide. The marriage guide can be picked up at the parish office or downloaded above. After reading through the marriage guide, you can call the parish office at 231.775.2471 or email to set up an appointment. 

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