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Family Faith Formation

Family Faith Formation helps children and parents become stronger in faith together. Here in All Saints Catholic Community our Family Faith Formation approach combines at-home online catechesis and once-a-month community faith formation nights.

Parents as Primary Teachers

Faith is best taught and lived out in the family. This is why the Church calls parents to be the first and foremost educators of their children.  Sometimes as parents, though, we don't feel qualified to teach our children the Catholic faith. Both the at-home online learning program and the Family Faith Formation Nights seek to strengthen parents in the knowledge of  Catholic teachings and the confidence to pass on the faith.

Family Faith Formation Nights

On the second Wednesday of each month (Sept-Nov and Jan-May) everyone is invited to a community dinner at the St. Ann Parish Hall between 5:15-6:25. Dinner will be followed by catechesis on the same topic for all age-levels (K, 1-2, 3-4. 5.-6, 7-8, HS, and adults.) Childcare will be provided  for younger children. A free-will offering will be accepted for dinner.

At-Home Online Learning

The All Saints Catholic Community is pleased to provide your child with online resources to help him/her grow in the Catholic Faith along with parent resources to help your child as he/she is learning. After completing the registration form we will enroll your child in the online program and provide you with the links needed to access all materials. 

If you would like hard copies of the materials, we would be happy to order them for you at a discounted price. Please contact Jen Geiger at 775-2471 for more information.

Sacramental Preparation

Both the Family Faith Formation Nights and the At-Home Learning Program complement our Sacramental Preparation Readiness Program. To learn more about Sacramental Preparation click here.

Additional Adult Formation

Each year we strive to provide multiple opportunities for adults to grow in their faith. Men & Women's Groups, Bible Studies, Parish Sponsored Programs, RCIA, and are available. Watch the bulletin for more information, or contact Jen Geiger at 775-2471 for details.

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